How To See Your Doctor

Consultations are normally by appointment. Urgent cases will be attended to by the first available doctor. If your appointment is for other than a standard consultation (e.g. several problems, a long involved problem, pilot medical, a special medical report, pre-employment examination or a procedure), please tell the receptionist when you make the appointment so that extra time can be allowed. When you arrive at the clinic please inform reception and bring your current Medicare card. Please phone the surgery if you are unable to keep your appointment. New patients are allocated longer consultation time for initial visit to the practice,  and an appropriate fee is charged. 


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, Bank Card, Master Card, VISA or EFTPOS. Fees not remitted on the day of the consultation may attract an account administration fee of $6. Patients on a full pension are billed privately at a discount rate. Veterans Affairs entitlements are bulk-billed. Patients' claims for Workcare, TAC benefits or Insurance Medical examinations, will be billed directly to the appropriate organisations. A list of standard charges for routine consultations is on display in the waiting room. If you are referred to a specialist or for diagnostic or pathology investigation, we suggest you contact the provider directly to confirm any out of pocket expenses you may incur. 

Standard Consultation: $80.00

Rebate $37.60 Out of Pocket: $42.40

Children and Pensioners: $70

 Rebate $37.60  Out of Pocket   $32.40

Long Appointment: $120.00

Rebate $ 72.80  Out of Pocket   $47.20

Medical Certificates

A medical certificate is a legal document for which the Doctor takes responsibility. Medical certificates cannot be issued without an appointment to see the doctor. 

Accidents & Emergencies

In extreme emergencies, such as severe breathing difficulties or severe chest pain, phone 000 and ask for the ambulance. If time permits, contact the surgery for additional assistance. For emergencies, phone the surgery for advice. The surgery is equipped to deal with minor casualties.

Repeat Prescriptions

In special circumstances these may be arranged over the phone at the discretion of the doctor. For the sake of good patient care, however, the doctor may request that you return for a review. The doctors require 24 hours notice in which to deal with your request. An administration fee of $10.00 is charged for prescriptions issued without a consultation. 

Referral to Specialists

When referral to a specialist is needed, a letter of referral from your treating doctor is required before your specialist appointment. 

Privacy Pathology and Xray Results 

If your doctor has organised X-rays of Pathology for you, it is generally best for patients to make an appointment to discuss the results. The Dr’s review all results as they come to hand. The Dr will normally contact patients to indicate any abnormal findings or to suggest that a follow up appointment is required.  

Reminders and Recalls

The practice offers reminders and recalls for abnormal results and some routine procedures. Please advise your doctor if you do not wish to be included in this system. 

Phone Calls

Although appointments are required to consult the doctors in special circumstances the doctors can be contacted by phone during normal surgery hours. When doctors are with a patient a message will be taken and your call returned as soon as possible. Please be brief as phone calls increase patient waiting times. If longer discussions seem necessary, you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor. The clinic policy is that we do not correspond with patients via email. Please always contact our friendly reception staff.

House Calls 

Home visits and Aged Care Facility visits are available after discussion with your doctor. For most consultations it is preferred for patients to visit the surgery. After hours a locum doctor is available for urgent home visits for our patients. Phone: 13 7425

Feedback & Complaints

We welcome your comments and ideas as to how we may improve our services to better meet your health care needs. To assist us in this process at times we will invite you to complete questionnaires seeking your views and ideas for improving the practice environment and operation. If you do have a complaint it is our hope that you would discuss it with us initially. Please head to our Feedback and Complaints form for further information and to leave feedback. 


All patient information is confidential and your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of the clinic to maintain security of personal health information at all times. Since 21/12/2001 patients have the right to access their own health information (collected or used after 21/12/2001) in accordance with health privacy principle 6 of the Victorian Health Records Act 2000. A fee is charged to recover the cost of the clinic of providing the requested information. 

Please contact the clinic if you have any further questions regarding your privacy.