Frequently Asked Questions


Do i need an appointment?

Yes, most consultations are by appointment.  You can book online or our reception staff will be happy to assist you with an appropriate time. If your usual doctor is unavailable an alternative doctor may be offered.


Is Leake Street Clinic a bulk billing practice?

No, our clinic is a privately billing clinic with an exception for Veteran Card holders.  A reduced rate is charged for children and pensioners.  Our fees are based on AMA rates and determined by both complexity and time.


Can I claim my consultation from Medicare?

Our clinic can send your receipt online to Medicare at the time of billing, with your rebate paid directly from Medicare to your nominated bank account.  Alternately you can take your receipt from the clinic to Medicare to claim your rebate.


Does Leake Street Clinic take new patients?

Yes, new patients are welcome at the Leake Street Clinic.  Telephone the clinic or you can book online.  New patients need to make a long appointment to allow the doctor obtain all your medical information.


What to expect at your first appointment?

At your first appointment, a longer appointment will be required.  The doctor will take a full history, including past medical and surgical history, current medication and allergies, family history and social history.  The doctor will then discuss the presenting problem with you.


When will I require a long appointment?

You will require a long appointment for the following:

  • For your first appointment

  • For a full medical examination including pre employment, insurance and aviation medicals

  • For multiple medical problems

  • For mental health problem, including a mental health plan

  • For care plans for podiatry, physiotherapy etc

  • For excisions



How long before I travel should I make an appointment for travel advice?

Many vaccinations are recommended to be given 6 weeks before travel.  We recommend you plan your travel with your GP 8 weeks before.


How long before I fall pregnant should I talk to my GP about pre pregnancy advice?

We recommend 3-6 months before a woman tries to conceive she consults her GP and be tested for her immunity to diseases that may affect her unborn child, as well as learn about nutrition and supplements.


Does Leake Street Clinic perform vaccinations?

We perform vaccinations for infants, school children as well as travel vaccinations, and flu vaccination for  the elderly.


Is the clinic open on weekends?

The clinic is open on Saturday mornings except for the 1st Saturday of the month when the clinic is closed.


Does the clinic offer home visits?

Home visits and Aged Care Facility visits are available after discussion with your doctor. For most consultations it is preferred for patients to visit the surgery. After hours a locum doctor is available for urgent home visits for our patients.



Although appointments are required to consult the doctors in special circumstances the doctors can be contacted by phone during normal surgery hours. When doctors are with a patient a message will be taken and your call returned as soon as possible. Please be brief as phone calls increase patient waiting times. If longer discussions seem necessary, you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor. The clinic policy is that we do not correspond with patients via email. Please always contact our friendly reception staff.